18 gen 2008

Le 40 mete del TIMES

Search Times Online DAL PRESTIGIOSO TIMES, magazine inglese, giungono i suggerimenti-consigli per le 40 mete per il 2008. Tra queste vi è la Basilicata. From The Times December 29, 2007 40 travel trends and tips for 2008 The Travel News Editor of The Times pulls together everything you really need to know about travel in 2008 Tom Chesshyre WHERE IN THE WORLD TO GO? WHAT'S HOT IN EUROPE Rediscover Italy: Italy lovers who want to escape the crowds should go to the new "hot spot" picked by Real Holidays, an Italy specialist: Basilicata, a strange, beautiful, bleak strip of land between Puglia and Calabria. "Everyone from Sugs of Madness to Helen Mirren has heard of Puglia and Calabria. But Basilicata, despite being just as alluring, is cloaked in mystery," said Philip Davies of Real Holidays. A week's half-board at a room in a former monastery is from £294pp next summer, flights and car hire extra. Details: 020-7359 3938, http://www.realholidays.co.uk/. From The Sunday Times January 6, 2008 100 summer holidays for '08 We've trawled the brochures and websites to find this summer's best holidays with every angle, taste and budget catered for Stephen Bleach If you plan to stay at home all summer, you don't need to read this. But if you think some sort of holiday might be an idea, you do. Because laid out below are 100 of the best trips that 2008 has to offer: chateaux in the Lubéron, treehouses in Brittany, adventures in Kyrgyzstan, anacondas in Brazil, kids' clubs in Turkey, farmhouses in Tuscany, opera in Verona, 4WD in the Yukon, style in Thailand, salsa in Barcelona, spas in the Caribbean and the coolest cottages right here in Britain. And 88 more on top of that. So throw away the brochures, log off the web: whatever your tastes, your holiday's right here. Unless stated, prices are per person for a week, based on two sharing. Where two prices are given, the first is for May, the second for August. Holidays abroad include flights from a London airport, unless indicated: ask the operator for regional departure options Romance 73 At first glance, Matera, in Basilicata, looks like any other pretty town in southern Italy, a collection of brick and stone buildings tumbling down a hillside. Thing is, many of those are just facades: behind them lies the Sassi, a network of man-made caves hewn deep into the rock 9,000 years ago and inhabited ever since. One of these has been converted into the simple but elegant Hotel Sant'Angelo, which has just 16 beautiful rooms. With Long Travel (01694 722193, http://www.long-travel.co.uk/), a week costs £528/£542, B&B, including car hire Share

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